Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus

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The Public Procurement Directorate of the Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus has been appointed as the Competent Authority for Public Procurement, representing in this way the official independent contact point for any interested party in the field of public procurement who seeks relevant information, and secures the integrity of the procedures, resulting in the strengthening of the trust of all parties involved in this field.

The main activities carried out relate to:

o The representation of Cyprus in the Competent Committees of the European Union where the policy for Public Procurement is defined on a European level.

o The harmonization of the National Legislative Framework with the European Directives on the field of Public Procurement and the fulfillment of other obligations for the Cyprus Republic which stem from Public Procurement matters.

o The monitoring of the implementation of the Community Directives and the Cyprus Legislation by the assigning authorities, through reviews aiming to ensure that the primary principles of transparency and equal treatment that lie at the core of Public Procurement are respected.

o Informing all the assigning authorities in regards to the announcements and the regulations published by the European Commission and which must be taken into account when entering into Public Procurement contracts, as well as to the Court decisions which affect the implementation of the Legislative framework.

o The preparation and publication of regulations, circulars, informative pamphlets, manuals, documents and model tender forms for the Assigning Authorities of the State, the Public Law Organizations and the Local Authorities which provide guidance for the proper implementation of the legislation and the adoption of best practices.

o Defining a purchasing policy capable of guiding the assigning authorities on Public Procurement matters which are either not governed obligatorily by the legislation or for which the legislation is not restrictive.

o The review of the procedures and the issuance of certificates for compatibility with the Legislative framework for contracts that are co-financed by European Funds.

o The provision of support to the assigning authorities and the Economic Bodies, by giving advice and instructions for the proper and effective implementation of the legislation based on best practices, as well as the provision of continuous education on Public Procurement matters through training actions.

o Developing, managing and making available to all interested parties tools such as the Public Procurement Electronic System (eProcurement), the Electronic Catalogues and the Framework Agreements which help in developing a new culture in the way both the Public and the Wider Public Sector fulfill their needs with professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness.

As regards the execution of public contracts, the Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus operates the
Central Committee on Changes and Claims (CCCC) over which it presides. The CCCC is a multilayered committee which deals with matters that arise following the sign-off of public contracts, and decides on changes and claims while also maintaining the exclusion register.